Friday, January 7, 2011


it is the difference in the cry when a baby is irritable, or hungry
the difference in grains of wood,
the difference in textures of green in the forest
the slight shifts in technique, releasing the basketball for a shot
the quality of shade that welcomes or repels the astillbe
   (I have yet to find a place where it will thrive)
the sound of a ferrari as opposed to a ford;
the reality of grace and free gift when compared to my work,
    and my response to that grace
freedom and slavery
grace and expectation
sometimes the difference is only a shade.  only a nuance. 
it catches us by surprise when we were expecting a whole new universe. 
And you only catch the nuance when you live long in that land. 
Listening often to that precious child, you learn the difference between pain and hunger. 
working with wood teaches the difference in grains
   and why one is suited for flooring and another for carving

...listening for grace.