Saturday, March 5, 2011


our grandson turns one this week

snow continues to accumulate
countries are in turmoil

but we mark the arrival of this precious one

the world becomes small when you enter the world of a little one

the layers are few
his needs, his wants, his joys, his sorrows

he is starting to become aware of comings and goings

people that he loves sometimes surprise him by showing up unexpectedly
or disappearing without his permission

he likes some things (soup)
more than others (avacado)

charges down hallways with one adult firmly in his grip
one finger and one heart at a time
chattering and growling and pulling and pushing and
turning and running and sitting and pointing

all intensity and all important and all consuming
then quietly considering his book
for a while

and then onward to discover new worlds
and touching noses and earrings

there are unexpected kisses, and then hugs
and then chattering and growling and pulling and charging down hallways
with this one adult firmly in his grip - by the finger and by the heart