Wednesday, October 26, 2011

fragment or foundation

I'm not quite ready to  leave this summer behind

the details of the days
  are losing their focus
     without giving me time to put things into perspective

sending our daughter off to foreign soil for the summer
  moving our daughter and son-in-law out of the home
       where our grandson was born
hearing our son's first car arrive in the neighborhood
  watching our youngest yearn for a chance to drive

dancing with my Sudanese friend on our Canadian soil
celebrating freedom and a new chance for life
   on her Sudanese soil too often stained red

sorting through brittle bouquets
  satin, crinoline and spanish lace
fragment or foundation
  scraps or scaffolding
    ...these pieces of fabric in my mother's rooms

dragging our air mattress out of the tent
  to sleep under the star-filled sky
awakening to stars falling
  and dew on our faces

dislodging perennials from my front gardens
  disentangling roots and seeds, weeds and bulbs
praying for the same gentle disentangling of weeds for my soul