Wednesday, January 29, 2014

waking up

these are the in between days
between Dad's birthday
and his new day

He turned 80 on the 24th of January
and turned a blind corner into eternity
on the 2nd of February

slipped away while we were gone

Did he slip into awareness as well?

as through a slow dawn 
   where brightness from the east
   seeps into the darkness 
      mixing it into rose and dawn
      and coral and pink light  
before the glimmering arc of sun 
   slips through the barrier
   of earth and heaven 

awakening slowly
shaking off a lethargy accumulated over years
 blinking, breathing carefully
 losing grip of something
   he once clung to
 staggering backwards
  as a new reality dawns

or did he burst onto a new scene 
with sharp intake of breath through lungs suddenly renewed
eyes jolted awake 
body tingling
mind sharpened in the crossing
hearing sounds to make his heart glad

I'm just wondering