Friday, September 3, 2010


I love the way this season seeps into my soul. 
I always reject the first sign ... my ornery poplar dropping fully yellow leaves onto my lawn
before August slips into my backyard. 
But the increasing harvest of tomatoes, the gradual sweetening of carrots,
the crispening of the nights,
the warming of our bedroom as the rising sun reflects off the yellows of that same poplar tree,
the sounds of Canada geese practicing their take-offs along the river banks,
the unexpected call of sandhill cranes high above us as we enjoy supper on the deck,
the sights and sounds of students on the sidewalks of our neighborhoods;
they bring a richness of color and texture and flavor to life that makes me want to savor this season of change.


  1. Oh, Darlene! I LOVE how you write such a vivid description of this season ... it creeps into my soul as well!

    I wish for you, my friend, an enriching season as you move into the halls of Bethany to influence lives toward a living relationship with a living Friend. There's an envy in my heart, but I know the time is right for me to be "on the road" with my hubby.

    God's blessings!
    Luv ya'

  2. I've been reading Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindberg and am reminded once again about embracing the rhythms of life. Your blog resonates with what I've been reading. How seldom we linger to be ministered by the natural rhythms that happen all around us. I find myself hanging onto the comforts of summer...savouring just one more fresh tomato from a friend's garden, sitting at my wheel and feeling the clay glide through my hands for hours on end. I love Fall and all it brings to my life and yet I find myself looking back at the ease of summer and yearning for more. I'd love for the two of us to sit on the deck and share God thoughts, how refreshing that would be! Blessings on your year at school!

  3. I will LOVE reading your have thoughts and ways of sharing them that make me want to keep my own comments brief (I'm just not that deep...). Love you dear friend, and would so much like to share a visit over a cup of something soon (we could each have our own cup even).


  4. Bravo, DK! My soul longs for a cup of fellowship with its "richness of color and texture and flavor" at your kitchen table next month-end.

  5. Sigh of semi-contentment on this snowy eve of writing solitude in Alberta. I shall not show up at your kitchen table until December, alas, but when I do, put on the kettle! I miss you, dearest DK. Please write again: you have a way with words...begging to be shared (I'm begging).