Friday, November 17, 2017

places of power

I find myself googling museums and art galleries
frequented places and "must see" sights
13 things NOT to do in New York
20 minutes of things you MUST see

I get to tag along with Randy on a trip to Ottawa
I'll explore those streets and spaces while he
does the work accomplished in meetings with a diverse and
invested group of people

and then we will take a train to New York

kaleidoscope of known landscape and places
events and scenes
documented in a thousand songs and screens

we will miss the lighting of the Rockefeller tree by one day
we will see one show - one of a thousand possibilities
we will see a choir - Randy's sister in a choir- in Carnegie Hall

we will walk
and smell and taste and listen

people used to prairie spaces
trying to drink in this intersection of life
with a teaspoon of time


  1. We will have to compare NYC notes when you return. We spent this past Nov 11th in NY. We walked 17 kms. Saw the Rockefeller tree being set up, Ground Zero, Times Square, Central Park, Chinatown, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island, visited the UN, Memorial Day parade, travelled the Metro. Saw a show a different day! Enjoy your time in NYC! ❤️ Lovella.
    PS. Stop into one of the many Starbucks and check out the NYC mug!

    1. That is a formidable list of things to do in one day!! Good to know that it can be done :). Yes let's compare notes and highlights.