Sunday, April 7, 2019

Week 5. John 10

written the week of April 1-6
Monday's Quatern
they thought he was keeping them in suspense
some game of blind man's bluff or hide and seek
tired of parables and Sabbath tricks
they asked him if he would speak a plainer truth

he spoke of thieves of robbers and shepherds
they thought he was keeping them in suspense
he kept piling image upon image
miracles were the plain language he spoke

he spoke of his gift of eternal life
gift to his sheep - gift through bread and water
they thought he was keeping them in suspense
but there were no words sufficient for this

so he knows his sheep and his sheep know him
he's a good shepherd and gate for his sheep
he lay down his life to take it again
they thought he was keeping them in suspense

Wednesday's Nonet
stumbeling through doorways and gateways
distantly hearing my name called
thirsty - so thirsty and dry
that voice sounds like water
like feasting, like rain
sun on my face
beckons me

going back
to the beginning

back to
where it started

Thursday's Landay
the religious leaders wrestling with Jesus' teachings and healings
is he enemy or messiah
spits on the dirt beneath our feet and blind eyes open

is he enemy or messiah
says he comes from the Father, does everything he's told

then is the father good or evil
challenging all we have built for the sake of the blind

a thief, hired hand or good shepherd
who is he? who is following him and who runs away?

Friday's Sonnet
You tell stories of thieves, robbers and sheep,
gatekeepers, hired men, good shepherds and life;
walk among us with compassion, and weep
with us in sorrow, yet stir up this strife.

Draw lines in the sand, irrevocably
shifting the paces we stand.  Now we see
frustration replacing complacency.
Who are you, where do you come from? And he

walks on the sand , singing creation's song
singing of treasure, of shepherds and seed
melodies echo until I am drawn
to watch him, to ask if he is indeed

the one we have waited for since time began
and earth began spinning at the touch of his hand.

Saturday's Haikus
We've been looking for crocus this week...just beginning to emerge.
hidden dusty mauve
dry grasses camouflaging 
emerging crocus

crocus make no splash
among the sage and grasses
burst with silent glee

bison in the hills
look for fresh sage and grasses
unearthing crocus

shepherd on the hills
safely may the sheep forage
he is trustworthy

Sheep photos by Randy while in NZ

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