Thursday, February 23, 2017


By the time I left, the truck had pulled into the parking lot, ready to be loaded.

I had arrived in time to witness the send off.  
They spread out through the warehouse, laying hands on each pallet of supplies as they prayed. 
There were prayers of gratitude for those who have created 
   and gathered the supplies and blankets, 
prayers for safe delivery of supplies, 
prayers for those who will receive these tangible gifts 
   that they would know they are not forgotten, 
   that they would learn to know a God of love.

 1810 blankets
336 relief kits
480 infant care kits
2544 school kits
100 sewing kits

So many kits and blankets and the numbers mean so much or nothing at all. 
But I see our little Elena Isabella, wrapped securely in her mama's arms and kept warm by the blankets sent by friends and family, and know that my Lord sees each child, sees each mother shivering, each family struggling, 

and I am grateful to the faithful people of MCC Saskatchewan for the many ways that they serve. 

Relief, development and peace in the name of Christ.

Directing material resources ... thanks Jerry!

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