Friday, February 3, 2017

circling back - evelyn renee

I've been reading a couple of books exploring the effects of geography on politics and
effects of networking on time ... oh so intriguing ... but when confronted by the pages of a third "mind-expanding large-issues-tamed-into-a-thesis" book, my heart recoiled.  And so I put it down.

Returned to the pages of Kathleen Norris's "Cloister Walk" and Eugene Peterson's "Long Obedience in the Same Direction" ... both of which, strangely enough, anchor themselves in the prayers of the psalms.  This is good.  Like my new progressive lenses they require me to pay attention to small movements and immediate steps.

and. once again I am grounded by the joy and beauty of a one year old whose musical language without many words communicates worlds
take off your jacket so I know you are staying, mama
can I have one of the cookies that I know you keep in that container on that counter?
i'm just so tired
can we look at this together?

scrambling up onto the couch
   to sit with her brother who
      oh-so-gently or not-so-gently
                     lifts her up beside him
hands clasped together, eyes wide open as we pray before supper

she sees and comments on everything.
attends to the periphery
new bits of color
murals on the ceiling
things just out of reach

and loves pouring
pouring water from one pail into another pail
   filling up and spilling over
   pouring and missing
     water running over and all around
pouring water or sand or bits of building blocks

what are you learning in the pouring
the emptying and filling and running over
again and again and again

evelyn renee

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